I have waited a long time! Finally there is a really good alternative to the book. It has never been so easy and motivating to learn Chinese!”

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Excellent This app has volumes of great reading material for a variety of learners. There is something here for everyone--from the absolute newbie to the seasoned reader.”


Love it This is an amazing app. The Best I've ever used to learn Chinese on a mobile device. Truly spectacular for anyone trying to learn how to speak and recognize characters to read.”

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How the app works

The hardest part about learning or improving a new language is finding time to do it.
We get it! You are busy, have work, family and other commitments. Du Chinese helps you to learn effectively.


New lessons added continuously

Every week we release new articles covering fun topics or current events in China and the latest trends. No more boring, irrelevant readings on things you don't care about.

Lessons for all levels

The lessons are marked by difficulty ranging from newbie to master to suit learners of all levels. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced, we make sure you can find suitable lessons in Du Chinese.

Word translations

Instant word translations

To help you read the lessons, Du Chinese lets you look up the meaning of any word with a single tap. The translations are context dependent to give you the word's exact meaning in the current sentence.

Sentence translations

Complete sentence translations

To help you fully understand the meaning of the Chinese text, we provide English translations for each sentence. All sentences have been carefully translated and the translations stay as true as possible to the original.

Testimonial 1

Du Chinese makes it so effortless to get lots of reading practice and is packaged in a super easy-to-use and nice looking UI. The flashcard feature is a really cool addition, and being able to tap to look up words makes learning super simple. Du Chinese is now a staple of my Mandarin learning.

Gwilym James, ChinesePod

Voice recordings

Professional and friendly audio

Listen to the article being read aloud by our awesome instructors, while you're reading along. The word currently being read is highlighted in sync with the audio to help you follow along.

Testimonial 2

This incredible app has something for people of all abilities, whether you have only just started studying or if you consider yourself to be almost fluent. A well thought out, user friendly design, allows you to practice your reading with or without English translations and pinyin as well as enabling you to store new words that you see as flashcards that you can test yourself on later.

Fergus Halford, Chinese Bridge semi-finalist

Save words

Easily save words

As you read through the article, you can instantly add words you don't know into your Private Flashcards, so that you have a chance to review them later. The word is stored in your word list together with its meaning, the sentence, and the meaning of each character.

Flashcard test

Flashcard system

Du Chinese has a built in spaced repetition system which helps you keep track of how well you remember the words you have saved. Just start a new test to review any words that are due.

Why this is effective?

We learn when we are exposed to things that are interesting and fun to us.

With Du Chinese, you'll be able to go through each topic at your own pace - as slowly or quickly as you are comfortable. By reading it (either through characters or pinyin), hearing it and seeing it instantly translated, you'll be able to absorb more words than through any other means.

Our teachers introduce you to topics that you can use in your everyday life, rather than abstract or overly basic. We keep it fun and relevant to you!

If you can set aside just 30 minutes per day to use Du Chinese, we’re confident that you'll see a significant improvement in your reading and listening comprehension, as well as your own vocabulary.

Other features


All lessons can be viewed using either simplified or traditional Chinese characters.

Pinyin on/off

A simple tap lets you turn pinyin on or off to match learners of all levels.


Store lessons you are studing in your favorites list for easy access.


Du Chinese is available for iOS through the App Store and for Android via the Google Play Store.


Du Chinese is free to download and a variety of lessons are available for free. With a premium subscription you get access to all the lesson in the app. If you want to subscribe, please select a plan below.

The subscription is automatically renewed at the end of each billing cycle until you cancel.


Limited to free lessons



We also offer subscriptions for schools and other academic institutions. Contact us for more information: info@duchinese.net