That’s settled – HSK 4 Reading Practice

How do you say something is settled in Chinese? In this HSK 4 level reading practice we’ll take a look at a few ways to say just that. By now you have probably realized the importance of idioms in Chinese. Chinese love idioms so much that they even have their own word for it! (成语)

By the time you’ve reached HSK 4 we highly encourage you to begin using our app. By practicing reading you will be able to grow your vocabulary and advance your Chinese quickly. The world of Chinese really opens up for you at this level. Although you may not know all the characters in the reading practice below, try to recognize the ones you do know before you check the pinyin or translations. 

Suggestion for study: 

  • Follow along with the Native speaker without pinyin
  • Hover over any words when needed
  • Try out the full lesson which is linked below

Practice Phrases: 

To read the entire lesson you can click here

If you’d like another HSK 4 level reading practice try this lesson

Take your Chinese reading skills to the next level using our app:

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