This is an image of China’s Official train ticket website’s CAPTCHA, with a text saying “find all the pictures containing red wine”. Can you find the correct ones?

12306’s ticket buying CAPTCHA has stumped a lot of people. The CAPTCHA does not use the commonly seen numbers and letters, but instead has the user pick out some given item from 8 different images. An analysis shows that the amount of users who successfully entered the CAPTCHA in one try were only 8%.
It is currently the most intense period for buying train tickets in China as everyone is eager to get tickets to return home for New Years, and some tickets are sold out in just a few seconds. Unfortunately the new CAPTCHA prevented some customers from being able to get the tickets they wanted, and one internet user commented on the issue crying: “Mom! 12306 won’t let me come home to spend New Years with you!”

What about you? The correct answer for the picture above is image 2 and 7. Did you get it right?

You can read more about this difficult CAPTCHA in this article on Tech in Asia.

This is the accompanying blog post for our advanced lesson “CAPTCHA Stumps 90% of Chinese“.

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