HSK 4 Reading Practice Collection

HSK 4 Reading Practice Collection

We compiled this collection of HSK 4 reading practice lessons to give you an easy way to access the HSK 4 lessons that we have shared so far on our blog, as well as a few from our lessons page. We’ll update this list periodically as we add more. If you’d like to access all the full lessons you can find them on the Du Chinese app or on the Du Chinese Lessons Page.

It’s incredible how much content is actually readable when you’re at an HSK 4 (or transitioning into an HSK 4) reading level. One frustration you may run into is that there are still enough words that you don’t know that may slow you down as you read. We totally get that. In any of the links below you’ll be able to use pinyin or see translations instantly. We also designed the app that way to make your life easier. Let’s take a look at what you’ll actually learn about in these lessons.

HSK 4 Reading Practice

This first lesson has an exchange between a shopper and a store worker. He wants to return a printer that he purchased. You’ll run into a handful of HSK 4 words in their exchange. There are a few practice sentences and then a link to the full conversation if you want to check it out.

I want a Refund

Although you could probably just use English at any international airports, I’ve definitely found myself stretched to use more Chinese at regional ones within China. This next lesson has phrases that you use when you are checking in at the airport. Just as before, at the end of the post you’ll find a link to the full HSK 4 reading practice. Try to read it without pinyin enabled and see how you do.

The Human Chair

“The Human Chair” is our HSK 4 level adaptation of this eerie short story by Japanese writer Edogawa Ranpo. Fiction writer Ziwen receives a mysterious letter from an anonymous sender. As she reads the letter, she is pulled into a world filled with disturbing secrets.

After Twenty Years

Late at night a policeman runs into an old friend he has not seen in twenty years. Will the two be able to reunite their old friendship? Find out as you practice your Chinese by reading this short story. 

Checking in at the Airport

Is your word your bond? How the heck would you say something like that in Chinese? In this next reading we’ll look at a few ways to say “That’s settled” in Chinese. The next time you want to make a promise to someone in Chinese, you’ll know what to tell them.

That’s Settled

Let’s do some more HSK 4 reading practice. This next post is about the gym. There are a few practice sentences and a link to the full conversation. Do you go to the gym? Or maybe you just work out your mind by practicing Chinese! Either way, this is a good post to help you on your journey.

What do you do at the gym?

How do you really say hello in Chinese? Check out this post to find out. I promise you that you’ll recognize at least two characters in these sentences. See what else you can read without any assistance.

Do Chinese Use Ni Hao?

Well, do they? Sometimes. Check out this post to find out when it is appropriate and when you can use some other greetings which we’ll teach you!

Master Chinese

If you want to really master reading Chinese, the best thing you can do is read. Read every day, every day, every day. Lately we’ve been adding a lot of stories to our app. Try downloading “Du Chinese” and see what you can do to take your Chinese to the next level.

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